Monday to Sunday Continental Breakfast
8:00 AM — $7 per person
Served buffet style

Assorted cereal
Fresh assorted sweet breads
Whole fruit such as apples and bananas
Hot coffee or decaf served with cream, sugar, or diet sugar
Milk, hot tea, juice of the day

Monday to Sunday Grill Breakfast
8:00 AM to 10:00 AM — $14/$10 (3-9 yo) per person
Continental breakfast items are included
2 eggs American or Mexican style
Omelets with cheese, ham, green peppers, salsa, chili, or mushrooms
Bacon and sausage
Hash browns or refried beans option
French toast, pancakes, or waffles
Fresh cut assorted fruit of the day
Toast is offered along with butter, jellies, and syrup
Optional turkey bacon or Mexican chorizo available for no charge
Sunday Mexican Brunch Buffet
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM — $22/$18 (3-12 yo)
Continental breakfast items are included
Huevos rancheros
2 eggs any American or Mexican style
Omelets with cheese, ham, green peppers, salsa, chili, or mushrooms
Bacon and sausage
Hash brown potatoes
Fresh fruit of the day with sweet breads
French toast, pancakes, or waffles
Cheese and chicken enchiladas with Mexican flag sauce (red, green, and creamy white sauce)
Toast is offered along with butter, jellies, and syrup
Optional Mini Dessert $2 - Flan, key lime, or strawberry pie
Lunch from the Casa Gordon Grill
for entree and 2 side items
Kids $10 (3-9 yo)
Kids $12 (10-12 yo)
Teens/Adults $15
Enchiladas, tostadas, quesadillas, taquitos (flautas), nachos, or soft tacos
With cheese
With beans
With cheese and chicken
With beef for soft tacos, taquitos,nachos and tostadas only
With fish for tacos only
Kids $10 (3-9 yo)
Kids $12 (10-12 yo)
Teens/Adults $15 (13-18 yo)
Chicken breast burgers
Cajun chicken sandwich
Club sandwich
BLT with bacon, lettuce, and tomato
Tuna salad sandwich
Tuna salad with avocado boat
Mixed salad with grilled chicken strips
Caesar salad with grilled chicken strips
Pulled pork sandwich (Carnita torta)
Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers $10 Kids (3-9 yo)/ $18 Kids (10-19 yo)/Adults
All American Kids $8 (3-9 yo)
All American Kids $10 (10-12 yo)
All American Teen $12 (13-19 yo)
Hot dogs
Grilled cheese sandwich
Macaroni and cheese
Peanut butter and banana
Peanut butter and jelly
Side Items for Lunch
Refried beans
Charro beans
Mexican rice
White rice
Chips and salsa
French fries
Homemade potato chips
Mixed salad
Fruit cup
Apple slices
Scoop of Ice cream
Cup of soup - corn, chicken, black bean, or vegetable medley
Recommended Lunch Combinations
Choose 2 main entrees
Monday – Sandwiches American
Grilled cheese sandwich
Tuna salad sandwich
Club sandwich
BLT sandwich
Served with homemade potato chips and apple slices
Tuesday – Tacos & Tostadas
Beef soft tacos
Chicken soft tacos
Beef tostadas
Chicken and cheese tostadas
Served with charro beans and chips with salsa
Wednesday – Gringos Poolside Party
Chicken breast burgers
Hot dogs
Served with French fries and an ice cream scoop
Thursday – Quesadillas & Enchiladas
Cheese quesadillas
Chicken and cheese quesadillas
Chicken enchiladas in red sauce
Cheese enchiladas in red sauce
Served with refried beans and rice
Friday – American & Mexican Medley
Grilled chicken sandwich with mushrooms and cheese
Fish tacos
Mixed salad with chicken strips
Pulled pork sandwich (Carnita torta)
Served with fruit cup and French fries
Appetizers/Snacks – Each appetizer serves 3 to 4 persons
Shrimp boat (6) $19
Coconut shrimp (6) $19
Tequila citrus shrimp (6) $19
Fish ceviche $23
Conch ceviche $22
Mixed ceviche $22
Shrimp ceviche $22
Assorted canapes $17 cheese balls, quiche Loraine
Quesadillas cheese $ 8
Quesadillas bean and cheese $ 8
Quesadillas chicken and cheese $ 11
Mini-beef empanades (6) $13
Mini-beef taquitos in flour tortillas (6) $13
Mini-chicken taquitos in flour tortillas (6) $11
Chips and salsa $ 7
Guacamole with chips $ 11
Queso with salsa $ 11
Cheese nachos $8
Cheese and chicken nachos $11
Mini-chicken pizza with chorizo $10
Buffalo wings (6) $16
Fruit platter $7
Chicken fingers (6) $10 lightly marinated, breaded, and served with BBQ sauce
Appetizers per person
Shrimp cocktail $19
Lobster cocktail $31
Avocado stuffed with shrimp $13
Avocado stuffed with lobster $31
Hot Soup Starters
Creamy Soups - $7 unless noted*
Sopa de elote - Corn chowder
Sopa de frijoles - Creamy black bean
Sopa de spinach - Spinach creamed
Sopa de guisantes - Peas with cream
Sopa de pollo con tortillas - Creamy tortilla chicken $8
Sopa de camarones - Cream of shrimp $8
Local Soups
Local soups - $7 unless noted*
Xochitl sopa - Yucatecan chicken soup
Sopa de lima - Yucatecan chicken with lime
Sopa de frijoles negros - Black bean soup
Sopa de verdures - Minestrone vegetable soup $8
Fresh Green Salads
Fresh Salads

With French, ranch, balsamic, blue cheese, vinaigrette, and thousand island

Mixta Ensalada - Mixed salad
Tomatoes, shredded carrots, and red cabbage $5
Ensalada Mexican verde - Mexican green salad
Mexican flag colors
Tomatoes, jicama, white cheese, red, and green peppers $5
Ensalada Luis - Chef salad
Cucumber rolls, tomatoes, red, and green peppers $5
Ensalada de Cozumel - Cozumel salad
Apples, walnuts, carrots, and tomatoes with a homemade papaya dressing $7
Ensalada de jicama and citrus - Jicama and citrus salad
Jicama, mandarin orange, grapefruit, and cilantro $7
Ensalada de Waldorf - Waldorf salad
Apples, walnuts, and grapes $5
Ensalada de Roquefort - Green salad roquefort
Green salad with homemade roquefort dressing $8
Ensalada Caesar - Caesar salad
Romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing $8
Ensalada Caesar - Caesar salad
Served tableside $10
Chicken - $18
Yucatecan style wrapped in banana leaves - Pollo pibil
With mole sauce - Pollo de mole poblano
With mushrooms
With fajita-style onions and peppers
With brochette-style pineapple, onions, and peppers
With chipolte-style sauce
Chicken breast roll with stuffed ham and cheese
Chicken rolls with vegetables and cheese
Baked in a brown gravy
Greek style chicken
Grilled chicken with strawberry salsa
Baked with spinach and feta cheese in tomato sauce
Fresh Fish - $24 Your catch of the day or ours!
Yucatecan fish wrapped in banana leaves - Pescado pibil
Fresh fish Veracruz style - Pescado a la Veracruzana
Breaded grouper
Grilled fresh fish with a lemon butter sauce
With a garlic butter sauce
With a zucchini flower sauce
With mushrooms
With chile poblano
With spinach sauce
With chipotle sauce
With citrus sauce
Shrimp - $24
Sauteed with garlic butter - Camarones mojo de ajo
Broiled with tequila salsa - Camarones de salsa tequila
Breaded shrimp
With cheese and shrimp stuffed chili rellenos
Grilled fajita-style with onions and peppers
Brochette style with pineapple, onions, and peppers
Wrapped and baked with cheese and bacon
With chipotle sauce
With spaghetti and marinara sauce
Island Lobster - $75
Sauteed with garlic butter - Langosta mojo de ajo
Broiled with tequila salsa - Langosta de salsa tequila
Broiled with mango salsa - Langosta de salsa mango
Seafood Combinations
Fish and Shrimp
Grilled fish and sauteed garlic butter shrimp $25
Breaded fried fish and shrimp $25
Lobster and Shrimp
Grilled lobster and sauteed garlic butter shrimp $70
Lobster, Fish and Shrimp
Grilled lobster, grilled fish, and sauteed garlic butter shrimp $70
Grilled lobster with breaded fried fish and shrimp $70
Lobster and Steak
Grilled lobster and Angus steak 6 oz $70
Grilled lobster and Angus steak 8 oz $80
Carne asada $21
Grilled skirt steak with fajita-style onions, and peppers $22
Beef brochettes with pineapple, onions, and peppers $22
Beef tenderloin in a Veracruz tomato sauce $28

Beef short ribs in chipotle sauce $18
Chili rellenos stuffed with beef $16
Beef tenderloin in a brown gravy $34
Beef tenderloin in black pepper sauce $34

Filet mignon Angus 6 oz $35
Filet mignon Angus 8 oz $37
New York strip 12 oz $32
Rib eye steak 12 oz $37
Grilled Mayan pork - Poc chuc $16
Pork tenderloins in chile sauce $16
Pork tenderloins in a chipotle sauce $16
Yucatecan roasted pork ribs $19

Dinners includes choice of vegetable, side item, and dinner rolls.

Broccoli and cauliflower
Broccoli and carrots
Sauteed mushrooms
Stuffed zucchinis
Mixed medley zucchinis
Zucchini medley with corn
Mixed medley vegetables
Green beans
Green beans and carrots
Green beans and potatoes with bacon bits
Mexican corn with red and green peppers
Rajas poblanos; poblano peppers, corn, onions in cream $1 upgrade
Asparagus* $1 upgrade
Dinner Side Items
Rice with carrot strips
Rice with green peas
Rice with carrot and peas
Curry rice with spinach
Mexican rice with corn, red, and green peppers
Baked potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Red potatoes
Home fries
Souffle style* $1 upgrade
Refried beans
Charro beans
Drunken beans

Fried plantains (bananas)

Ice cream parfait with cookies $6
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee
Homemade Desserts by Chef Luis
Sopapillas $5
Key lime pie $7
Mango pie $8
Apple strudel $8
Chocolate mousse $7
Homemade flan $5
with chocolate, caramel, or kaluha
Cheesecake $8
Chocolate cake $8
Tres leches cake $8
Strawberry cake $8
Chocolate pie $8
Brownie with vanilla ice cream scoop $8
Bananas with ice cream and fudge sauce $7
Chocolate almond cake roll $8
Tiramisu $8
Crepe suzettes $7
Crepe suzettes with Grand Marnier $9
Casa Gordon Speciality Dessert
Flaming bananas served tableside $10
Dinner Parties and Buffets
Poolside Fajita Fiesta served buffet style
Includes chicken tortilla soup
Includes tortillas, chips, and salsa
Includes choice of beans: refried, charro, or drunken
Includes choice of side item: Mexican rice, corn, or rajas poblanos
Includes sopapillas
$34 adults/teens /$18 (10-12 yo)/$16 (3-9 yo)
Optional: Guacamole $11 snack per 3 to 4 persons serving
Served poolside when weather is permitting.
Island BBQ Buffet served buffet style
Includes tortillas, chips, and salsa
Includes choice of beans: refried, charro, or drunken
Includes choice of side item: Mexican rice, corn, or rajas poblanos
Includes chicken and beef brochettes with pineapple, onion and peppers
Includes Key lime pie
$40 adults/$26 teens /$21 (10-12 yo)/ $18 (3-9 yo)
Optional: Guacamole $11 snack per 3 to 4 persons serving
Gringo's Poolside Party
Served poolside and grilled outside when weather is permitting.
Chicken burgers
Hot dogs
French fries
Ice Cream
$18 adults/teens/ $12 (10-12 yo)/ $10 (3-9 yo)
Ranchero Steak under the Palapa
Dinner includes a salad, vegetable, side item, and dessert.
Cooked outside to order - ranchero
Filet mignon 6 oz $48
Filet mignon 8 oz $52
New York strip 12 oz $46
Beef tenderloin 8 oz $52
Rib-eye 12 oz $52
Yucatan Pork Poolside BBQ
Dinner includes a salad, vegetable, side item, and dessert
Barbeque pork tenderloin in orange sauce - Poc chuc $market price
Beef short ribs in chipotle sauce - Costilla de en salsa de chipotle $market price
Grilled spare rib - Costillar asado $market price

Served poolside and grilled outside when weather is permitting.
Seafood Fiesta - $40
Dinner includes a soup, vegetable, side item, and dessert.
Creamy shrimp soup with dinner rolls
Grilled fresh fish with garlic butter shrimp
Mixed vegetables
Mexican rice with corn and green peppers
Key lime pie
Seafood Fiesta
Dinner includes side item and dessert.
Fish fingers and fried shrimp
Mixed vegetables or side item
Ice cream parfait with cookies
$18 Kids (3-9 yo)/$21 (10-12 yo)/$26 Teens/$40 Adults
Mayan Suggested Dinners
Xochitl sopa - Local chicken soup
Yucatecan chicken or fish wrapped in banana leaves
Fried plantains (bananas)
Rice with carrot strips
Flaming bananas prepared tableside
Cozumel salad with papaya dressing
Fresh fish Veracruz or chicken
2nd entree Tequila shrimp
Squash medley
Mexican rice
Chocolate Mayan pie
Black bean soup
Yucatecan style pork chops
2nd entree Yucatecan style pork ribs
Green beans with carrots
Baked potato with a creamy bacon dressing
Chocolate mousse
Jicama and citrus salad
Chicken with mole
Carne asada
Refried Beans
Mixed Vegetables
Homemade flan with Kaluha syrup
Chef Specialties
Soup and Salads
Sopa de Mariscos
Fresh fish, shrimp, baby lobster, and clams. Local seafood soup with tomatoes and guajillo chili, fresh cilantro, and lime $11
Sopa de Pollo y Calabaza
Soup with pumpkin, chicken, and roasted pepitas with sour cream, Mexican cinnamon, and fried plantains $8
Ensalada con Pina a la Parilla
Three kinds of lettuce, sweet grilled pineapple, and three blackened shrimp with our homemade mango vinaigrette $11
Ensalada Esparragos Y Portobello
Red lettuce with pan grilled asparagus and baked portobello with our homemade honey and dijon vinaigrette $9
Tortita de Camaron
Mixed salad with corn, fried green tortilla with chaya, shrimp cake with a tamarind glaze balsamic vinaigrette. $11
Main Dishes
Raviolis de Queso con Camarones
Manchego, cream cheese, and parmesan fresh ravioli with basil and tomato butter, pan grilled shrimp buttered with parsley, and asparagus with regiano cheese $21
Quinoa Crust Pan Grilled Fish
Quinoa seeds, lime juice marinated fish pan grilled, and served with Caribbean rice (rice, black beans, plantains, and shrimp) and a jicama and mango salad in achiote sauce $24
Pollo Enchilado
Grilled chicken with roasted pepitas sauce, chaya, parmesan, and white wine risotto and glazed carrots $18
Fettuccinis de Chaya
Homemade fresh pasta with local greens, butter, olive oil, and cream with mushrooms and blackened shrimp $22
Caribbean Jerk Pork Tenderloin
Caribbean seasoned pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes with green peas and chaya with sauteed bacon and fig marmalade sauce $18
Pollo en Mole
Fancy boneless chicken, baked in mole sauce served with white rice and sauteed veggies with cotija aged cheese $18
Crepas con Dulce de Leche y Pistaches
Crepes covered with dulce de leche sauce with roasted pistachios and vanilla ice cream $7
Suffle de chocolate
Warm chocolate cake stuffed with cream cheese and Mexican Mint and served with cappuccino ice cream $8
Tamalito Dulces con Pasitas y Salsa Inglesa
Sweet corn fresh tamales with Raisins English sauce and chocolate ice cream $5
Pizza de Chocolate Nuez y Queso Brie
Sweet Pizza with chocolate, brie cheese, and pecans with vanilla ice cream. $5
Suffle de Platano y Chocolate Amargo
Warm banana cake with cocoa sauce and chocolate ice cream $8
Kids Menu
Kids/Teens Dinner Menu

Dinner includes side item, and dinner rolls and ice cream and cookies
$14 kids(3-9 yo) /$16 (10-12 yo) /$18 teens

Chicken tenders
Grilled chicken strips
Spaghetti with meatballs and island tomato sauce
Buttery fettucine with chicken strips
Fish fingers
Breaded shrimp $18 kids (3-9 yo) /$21 (10-12 yo) / $26 teens
Mexican Kids Plate

Dinner with rice, chips and salsa
$10 kids (3-9 yo)/ $12 (10-12 yo)/ $15 teens

Enchiladas, toastadas, quesadillas, nachos, taquitos(flautas), or tacos
With cheese
With bean
With chicken
With any combo above
With beef for tacos, taquitos, and tostadas only
All-American Kids Plate

Dinner with French fries and Ice cream
Chicken burgers
$12 kids (3-9 yo)/ $12 kids (10-12 yo)/ $18 teens

Hot dogs
Grilled cheese sandwich
Macaroni and cheese dish
$8 kids(3-9 yo)/ $10 kids (10-12 yo)/ $12 teens

Vegetarian Menu
Vegetarian Mexican Menu

Lunch and Dinner
$14 per person *unless noted

Vegetarian fajitas of green and red bell peppers with onions
Vegetarian burrito of sauteed zucchini and peppers
Black bean burrito with rice corn mango salad
Vegetarian soft tacos of beans and rice
Veggie tacos of refried bean with avocado and chopped salad
Red bean soup with potato and chaya
Bean tostados with avocado and salsa
Avocado quesadillas
Mexican sopes with mushrooms, corn, and rajas poblanos $16
Enchiladas of zucchini flower with a red and green sauce $16

Vegetarian Lunch Menu

Vegetarian Lunch
$12 per person unless noted*

Layered veggie salad
Rice with veggies salad
Tomato & avocado sandwich
Grilled cheese sandwich
Avocado toast
Vegetarian Dinner Menu

Dinner includes dinner rolls.
$16 per person

Lasagna with vegetables
Zucchinis in tomato sauce with rice
Fettucine with a medley of vegetables
Spaghetti with island tomato sauce
Creamy mushrooms with stuffed zucchini
Casa Gordon Design Your Own Menu Details

Services include shopping, cooking, and cleaning up.

See Chef's Complete Menu for food costs

Service cost is $5 per day per person or $40 for the weekly rental per person

Since check-in time is 3:00 pm, there will be no breakfast or lunch on arrival day.
However, you can request snacks from the Menu.

Breakfast available for a 2 hour service
Lunch times between 12:00 - 1:30 pm at the latest.
Dinnertimes for chef service: 5, 6, or 7 pm at the latest.

Dinner includes wait staff for service. Staff is off two nights during a week’s stay. If you are there on a Sunday then the staff is off after brunch unless Sunday is your arrival day. Usually they are also off on Wednesday but this night can be changed accordingly. Guests are encouraged to dine at the many restaurants in San Miguel on these nights. Arrangements can be made for select dinners prepared in advance and heated in the microwave. Please inquire.

Drinks and snacks are not included in our chef services except breakfast drinks. You can either purchase your drinks and snacks or upon request, we can purchase them for you at cost plus 20% of total receipt. Fresh mixers are available for advance purchase from the drink menu. They are made to order and prepared fresh. It is self serve unless you want a designated bartender. A professional bartender is available upon request for $15 an hour.

Guacamole is not included, but available from our snack menu.


Lunch – Choose two main entrees and two of the same side items for all.

Dinner – Prices include a vegetable, side item, and dinner rolls. We offer two main entrees along with two of the same side items for all. Optional items of salad, soup, or desserts available.

Please note that the chef service must be completely arranged two weeks prior to your arrival date. This includes both menu selections and times of meal service. Please fill out the chef service worksheets for your menu selection or submit in your own format.

Copies of "worksheet" can be downloaded from the guest services page.

Once your menu selections have been made, a chef service and beverage deposit will be collected two weeks before departure to offset the cost of supplies and service.

Due to a full time chef on staff year round, please understand that only the chef is allowed to cook and only light snack and drink making is allowed in the kitchen.

Visit our Guest Services Page to download the Casa Gordon chef service forms.

Thanks for your consideration,
Casa Gordon Team