Casa Gordon Wedding Policies

We work with Cozumel Wedding Planner who competently handle the rather complicated tasks of orchestrating a wedding in Cozumel. Our goal for our wedding guests is simply to provide them with the wedding of their dreams.

To this end we must recognize certain limits inherent to our facility. The following rules or conditions reflect the physical capabilities and limitations of our water, sewage, and electrical systems; kitchen and staff; and the realities of conducting business on a small Mexican Island.

Please thoroughly review these rules and contact us if you have any questions. Please be aware that these rules or conditions are not to be considered complete, but rather to provide basic information to guide guests in planning their CG wedding.

  1. No outside guests (guests not occupying residence at CG and appearing on the rooming list) will be allowed on the property at times other than the agreed upon times for official wedding activities such as the ceremony, dinners, receptions.
  2. Any parties will have an ending time of 12 midnight, after which no outside guests are to be on the property. Events extending beyond 12 midnight must be arranged in advance with CG.
  3. The maximum number of guests is 50.
  4. All ceremonies, dinners, and receptions are to be held outside.
    1. "Plan B" must be arranged with the wedding planner in case of inclement weather which involves a cost of a tent.
    2. Interior of CG for "Plan B" is not an alternative.
  5. All wedding arrangements must be made through a professional wedding planner approved by CG.
  6. CG staff is not responsible for event clean up or after-hours clean up, which will be the responsibility of the wedding planner. Any event or after-hours clean-up failure will result in the assessment of a clean-up fee that will be taken from the guest's security deposit.
  7. Any payments made by CG on behalf of wedding guests to outside vendors will abide by the guarantees, cancellation, and fee policies of the specific vendor(s) involved, CG is expressly not to be considered a party to any such transaction(s) beyond the normal concierge function.